Mizutani Scissors work with the very best within the industry and here at Mizutani Australia we are proud to have the following stylists as part of our Australian Ambassadors.



Eugene is one of the most influential hair stylists today, a true visionary who inspires and sets the trends that other stylists follow. His sense of humour and unique way of looking at hair permeates every avant garde style he creates. He especially thrives to push boundaries, and is most prevalent in his hair sculptures. He says, “they are definitely the best scissors I’ve had the joy to work with ever. You (Mizutani) bring the craft of scissor making and we will bring the craft of hair.”



For over thirty years, Renya Xydis has been at the forefront of the Australian hairdressing industry and has built a successful brand of hairdressing hairs in Australia. She has established herself as one of the most sought after editorial stylists on an international scale. She continues to work with high profile publications like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar and is responsible for hair direction at numerous Paris, Milan, New York and London Fashion Week shows. She says, “these scissors have just reenergised my love of cutting hair” and recommends “everyone needs a pair of Mizutani Scissors, there is nothing better than having great tools”



Biba Creative Director Frank Apostolopoulos is a multi-award winning stylist and ardent Mizutanist: “Mizutani scissors are by far the very best I’ve ever used,” he says. “The balance and feel of Mizutani scissors is uniquely special and the marriage between your hands and the blade is perfect. They are such a special experience and precision cutters can’t go past using this brand; they will give you an edge like no other: they look amazing, they feel great and they are simply the best on the market.”