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Reyna Xydis Valonz Salon Australia

In a country full of kangaroos, Australian doyenne of hairstyling Renya Xydis embodies more of an octopus—a multi-faceted Mane Master whose talents traverse all tress-industry territory. Founder of three salons in Sydney, including Valonz, Renya juggles the role of Global Ambassador for Wella and Mizutani, while also serving her high-profile clients’ cutting needs worldwide and keying shows at fashion weeks for over a decade. The fact that this star-of-strands landed her first cover at the age of 16 (starring Nicole Kidman) is no surprise. Ahead, Renya recollects the race to the top, her scrumptious strategy to silencing self-doubt, and how to navigate a successful career through today’s social media-stuffed generation.

How did you get your start in the hair industry?
I started at the age of 14 and my boss was into editorial hair so my first cover at 16-years-old was Nicole Kidman after she did a movie called BMX Bandits.

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