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Mizutani is made by hand one by one lovingly in Japan. If your selected model is out of stock, call us on +61 2 9813 3080 and we can order this specially for you!

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The potential of Nano Powder Metal. None other than Nano.

No boundary barbering & hairdressing “CROSSOVER”. An optimum pair scissors for the cross-over style was fabricated that manages both the “stable feeling” that is important for scissors over comb cut in men’s style and the “ease of use” that supports various cutting scenes. Additionally, “Nano Powder Metal” is used in the material and one can enjoy a powerful cut feeling. CROSSOVER blade length is 0.2 inches longer than general 0.5 inch pitch scissors. It helps scissors over comb cut with making good usage of hairdressing scissors 0.2 inches longer length. CROSSOVER gives you stable cut because the gravity is close to your hand and it helps you to reduce tiredness of your hand.

Material: Nano Powder Metal 
Adjustment System: Screw Driver
Bearing System: Ball Bearing
Suitable for: Blunt / Scissor Over Comb / Point / Precision / Barbers
Hand: Right or Left
Sizes Available: 5.7, 6.2, 6.7

5.7 INCH Blade length : 61mm 

6.2 INCH Blade length : 72mm

6.7 INCH Blade length : 84mm 

[Bottom blade] Ring size:horizontally/18.5mm・vertically/21mm
[Top blade] Ring size:horizontally/18mm・vertically/18.5mm - Remains the same size for both models



Nano Powder Metal

Nano Powder Metal

Our Nano Powder Metal®, made with the new HIP manufacturing method (Hot Isostatic Pressing), is steel fabricated from a fine powder at the nano level. The uniform-grained powder is hardened with high temperature and pressure tempering, essentially eliminating all filler and impurities, and this method is used in precision manufacturing items like Blu-ray disc molds, where high levels of purity are required. At MIZUTANI, in order to create the ideal hair-cutting scissors, we have conducted our own proprietary research with this material, and created scissors with blades that combine strength with a long cutting life and the ultimate sharpness.


These are small, precision metal ball bearings with excellent axial load-bearing ability. Due to their design, which enables radial load-bearing as well, scissors open and close smoothly, which both lessens burden on the hands and contributes to a long cutting life. With anti-rust properties and durability as a matter of course, these bearings are a Japanese-made product.

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