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Lifetime Warranty

Mizutani Inc. provides a lifetime warranty on every Mizutani product purchased from us. All Mizutani products are hand made in Japan, part by part for the best durability and performance. Mizutani products are designed and made from the top quality steel to provide longevity and the ability to be sharpened over and over. 

Mizutani scissors that have been damaged by a non-authorized sharpener, poorly maintained, misused or over-worn will not be covered. To claim warranty, please contact us and we will walk you through the simple procedures.

Factory Sharpening

Send your scissors well protected and with registered post so we can keep track of where they are. Include in your box a note with what needs to be fixed, and your contact details including your name, your phone number, email address and your postal information to return your scissors. 

Once we receive your scissors, we send them to Japan to be sharpened in the factory, and they then get returned to you.

To have your scissors sharpened please send them to:

Mizutani Australia 
Ground Floor, 4 Talavera Rd
Macquarie Park, NSW, 2113 

The Cost

The sharpening fee is $100 for one pair, or $150 for two. We normally request this payment once your scissors are ready to be returned to you.

Loan Pair Scissors

If you require a loan pair of scissors while yours are being sharpened, the fee is $50, we may not have the exact pair you use available but we always try and find the best match for you, call us to discuss your match (02) 9813 3080. 

Time Frame on Factory Sharpening 

This whole process takes around 2-3 weeks normally, from once we receive the scissors.


Fill in the form below if you are sending us your scissors, so we know to expect them. 

Once we receive your scissors we will be in contact with you.