I don’t need a loan pair; how do I get my scissors sharpened?

1. Send your Mizutani scissors to us in a cardboard box, with the tips of the scissors closed with a rubber band, and your scissors well protected with bubble wrap and packing paper to avoid any damage in the post on their way to us. In the box – also include your contact details (name, phone, email, return address)

2. Send your scissors using registered post keeping a copy of your tracking number.

Our address is:

Mizutani Scissors

Ground Floor, 4 Talavera Rd
Macquarie Park, NSW, 2113

3. Once we receive your scissors, we will send you an invoice for your sharpening cost, and this payment is due prior to us sending your scissors away for sharpening. Otherwise, you can head to this link and pre-pay sharpening prior to sending them in to us. 

4. When they come back from Japan, we post them back to the address specified.


How much is sharpening?

Sharpening is $100 and $50 for each pair sent in the same box. For example, two scissors would cost $150 or $75 each.


How long does sharpening take?

We send out Mizutani Scissors for sharpening every Friday, they go back to the Mizutani Japan factory. The process can take around 3-4 weeks.


I have an issue with my sharpening service?

Let us know via email to within 10 days after receiving your scissor and we can have your scissors reserviced under warranty. After this time, a servicing fee may apply.


How frequently should I have my scissors sharpened?

This depends on a variety of factors however as a guide we recommend that your scissors are sharpened at least once a year.

What will impact your frequency of sharpening is your cutting technique, number of cuts, bulk hair cutting, metal type, maintenance, cleaning and oiling of scissors, as well as how you store your scissors. Some Mizutani Cutters prefer the feeling of super sharp scissors, and therefore require sharpening more often to maintain this feeling.

Dropping your scissors can also cause alignment issues and kinks or burrs in the blade which do require immediate attention – please refrain from forcefully closing your scissors as this may result in extra metal being removed from the blade edge.


Why should I use Factory Sharpening? 

Regular Mizutani Sharpening is the only way your scissor maintains its lifetime warranty. Mizutani Scissors have a blade edge with varying degree angles specific to the model of scissors and how it is designed to cut. It is important that the blade edge is established and known prior to sharpening as this determines how the scissor cuts and functions. Cutting off too much metal can result in permanent damage to your scissor – and this cannot be fixed. Only Mizutani Factory specialists know the exact sharpening details for your scissor model. Once your scissors are damaged by an external sharpening company, Mizutani will be able to see this damage on the blade and may not be able to repair your scissors.


Why are my scissors pushing hair?

Blunt and dull edge scissors will not slice through the hair cleanly and effortlessly. This is a good indication that it’s time to get your scissors sharpened.


Can I get a loan pair while my scissors are bring sharpened?

We have standard FIT model loaner scissors available for hire at a flat rate of $50 each.

Head to this link to order and pay for your loan pair.


I have an issue with my sharpening service

Let us know via email to within 10 days after receiving your scissor and we can have your scissors re-serviced under warranty. After this time, a servicing fee may apply.