Why are my scissors pushing hair?

Blunt and dull edge scissors will not slice through the hair cleanly and effortlessly. This is a good indication that it’s time to get your scissors sharpened.


What does Mizutani lifetime warranty mean?

A long as your scissors are serviced at the minimum of once every 3 years by Mizutani and never by an unauthorised Mizutani sharpening service, then Mizutani will always endeavour to repair your scissors. While we will endeavour to fix your scissors, some damage caused may be irreparable.  The blade edge itself is not covered under warranty. Shipping charges and loaner scissors come at your own expense. The stopper, the handles and the bearing system are covered under warranty. Your Mizutani claims will be assessed on a case by case basis. General wear and tear issues are not covered by warranty, intentional damage, dropping, rust, or improper storage or care of scissors will not be covered under warranty and come with a service and repair fee. Sharpening and blade edge is not covered by warranty.


I have an issue with my scissors that I believe is a warranty claim, what do I do?

Contact us prior to sending your scissors in for a warranty claim by email to info@professionaluse.com.au letting us know what the issue is, and any details you can about when you purchased your scissors. Once your claim is approved, we can then organise for your scissors to go back to the factory for repair.


Please send through a detailed email with the following information to info@professionaluse.com.au

Subject: Mizutani Warranty Claim


Full Name:

Best Contact Number:

Invoice number (if known):

Purchase Date (if known):

Detailed explanation of issue experienced:


I have an issue with my sharpening service?

Let us know via email to info@professionaluse.com.au within 10 days after receiving your scissor and we can have your scissors reserviced under warranty. After this time, a servicing fee may apply.